Confusions in life :)


Have u ever sat just like that without doing anything….? Have u ever woke up in the morning and thought of what to do today still sleeping on bed….? Have u ever kept on staring at a wall just like that for minutes…..? Have u ever laid back on bed lazily not knowing what to do…? Have u ever sat next to your partner on a bench silently and got lost in thinking what to do …?Have u ever tossed a coin to decide your future course of action….? Are you wondering what am i trying to say..? 🙂 No more guesses, i am talking about confusions in life. 


All of us would have gone through confusions at some stage of life, relating to some event. It may be on deciding whom to marry or what profession to choose or what college education to choose or which friend to choose in an argument in between your two best buddies or which phone to choose or which dress to wear..etc.Ever wondered which is the best in the given alternatives u have..? If your answer is YES to some of the above mentioned questions…….. Awesome……. You are perfect normal human being. 


Having accepted that confusions are normal with people and everyone goes through it, now are you thinking what is the SOLUTION to confusions..? I believe solution is offered by two approaches, they are pragmatic and HEARTMATIC (Sorry i know there is no word as heartmatic..still i like to use it because according to me heartmatic is something that is related to heart..that’s ….what your heart says….). We may have observed that When we are confused somehow logic doesn’t work…At the point of confusion mind is in a state of war it fails to evaluate things logically. Hence at this point HEARTMATIC kicks in. Heartmatic knows whats good for u …what makes u feel better.  For many confusions if we cant find an answer by practically evaluating it at that point… we gotta go with what heart says. Because sometimes heart already knows whats good for u in future, that’s because heart works smoothly with the lubrication of belief and power of faith. 

What to do if you are confused??? 

Step 1. Pause – Keep things on hold in mind and calm down. 

Step 2. Accept – Accept that you  are in a state of deadlock and you are not able to figure out, this will make u open to ideas, suggestions and gives u patience to explore best alternative. 

Step 3. Pragmatic vs Heartmatic Analysis – Analyse if u can get the answer by being practical and analysing it with pros and cons or only your heart can give u the solution

Step 4. Choice of P vs H – Choose the solution of taking things practically or taking things by listening to heart.

Note. If you listen to your heart and u feel that’s right, you should believe your heart and be confident that it can never do a mistake. You will get an answer for your choice only when u look at things backward in life and not in speculation. Because in the end dots do connect, that is the beauty of listening to your heart. 


Finally accepting that confusions are normal and believing that it is possible to get solutions is the stepping stone in the journey to find solutions. Adopt simple strategy of Pause, accept,  P vs H and Choosing  P or H and get rid of all your confusions. Never forget Swami Vivekananda’s words… Be strong always, strength is life and weakness is death. Be strong and find solution to all your problems. Have faith in your choice and believe that it will work. Then it will surely work. Just remember Someday everything will make perfect sense so, for now, laugh at the confusion, smile through the tears and keep reminding yourself that everything happens for a reason and the voice of your heart can never go wrong, Cheers….



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    Kindly give your feedback by comments…I am new into blogging that would help a lot. Thanks

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