Difficulties in life

Have you ever asked why problems come…..? If god exists, why does he give problems and why aren’t you able to get solutions….? Why only you….?Have you ever cried your heart out finding tough to face problems….? regret your previous decisions and blame yourself for the problems…?felt disgusted for having problems…?wished something good to happen… a miracle……so that you can come out of it..? or  Felt like ending life….? What ever may it be ….Not to be worried, you are perfectly normal. There is a saying in kannada – south Indian language ( kashtagalu manushyarige barade inenu pranigalga barathe??) that means ” will the problems come for animals ..?if not for humans?” Problems do come for Humans. Accept the fact. The question lies in, do you wana cry over it or move on with strength and say to yourself I will succeed over my problems.

Why problems come?


Problems can come to oneself because of ignorance, failing to see and sense, not doing what needs to be done, doing things wrongly, relationships, resources, reactions, responses…etc. a)IGNORANCE: When a person lacks knowledge about something his ignorance can lead to problems. For example, a young child may not know that a stove can get very hot, and this ignorance can lead to a serious burn.b)FAILING TO SEE AND SENSE: This problem is similar to ignorance, but it is slightly different. This ignorance is due to a person’s own failure to not see and sense something because he is careless and not paying attention. It is one thing to be given wrong directions and to end up lost. It is another thing to be given the right directions and to end up lost for not paying attention to those directions.This problem comes when a person should know something but he does not For example The teacher has announced a quiz when you were not paying attention, and then later you come to class totally unprepared c)NOT DOING WHAT NEEDS TO BE DONE:Often we create problems because we refuse to do what we should (because of neglect, indifference, ignoring our duties, stubbornness, etc ). These are problems that are caused by my WILL (by the choices and decisions that I make or refuse to make).For example I choose not to study for my class,  and I end up with a problem (a bad grade) d)DOING WRONGLY: We can fail to do right, but we can also do the right thing in the wrong way, and this failure causes problems too! Often we try to do things in a way that is contrary to certain principles and laws, and we get into trouble. For example A person might step off a roof, and immediately he has created a problem for himself because he has violated the law of gravity. A deep sea diver might foolishly think that he can work underwater without his oxygen tanks, but if he tries, his life will be in “deep” trouble! e)RELATIONSHIPS: We contact people and connect with people each and every day.You may get into problems because of the way you behave with them f) RESOURCES: Lack of resources create problem , resources can be anything money, commodity..etc g) REACTIONS:Many of our problems are due to the fact that we react in the wrong way to people and to situations. We often react in a negative way. Instead of going forward and making progress, we react wrongly and take a step backwards. We react in an opposing way h)RESPONSES: Many problems come because of the way I respond to the words, works and ways of others.Some problems come because we give the wrong kind of responses. Too often we respond to things by being afraid or by worrying. If someone starts arguing with us, we usually respond by arguing right back. If someone wrongs us or harms us, the natural response is to retaliate. Many problems are created by such natural and sinful responses. Source: (http://www.middletownbiblechurch.org/problem/problem3.htm)



key to solution

: First accept that its normal, problems do come for human being. After accepting it, calm down and analyse what is the reason behind the problem, in this stage many find it tough to comprehend then you must speak to people whom u feel has good listening ears and can offer u valuable advise. remember you should go only to those people who genuinely tries to help you in difficulties and are motivating. When problems strike do not take any hasty decision that you may regret in future, put things on hold till u are mentally clear on the problem and what needs to be done to set it right. Positivity is the key, pump yourself with positive thoughts only, even if your mind makes you think negative, its fine. that’s natural, go over it but remember that you are made strong and nothing can break you down this offers you the confidence to take on problems and have a positive outlook. Most importantly look at problems as an opportunity to learn. In problems look for an opportunity to grow, learn new skills and introspect, learn a lesson.Brigitte Nicole said ” Sometimes the lesson you learn from the choices you have made put you on the path to the best things that will ever happen to you. Now when you have understood the reason behind the problems have focus and determination to get out of it. Do not loose focus, be determined that you will overcome it.

Even after doing all of that mentioned above, If you feel u cant come out of problems in spite of  trying then listen to people who have more problem than u, understand yours is very less. then it will work. even if it doesn’t work, go to cremation ground and understand finally u have to go there no need to worry, everyone has to go back to earth. good time bad time everything will come and go. wait for the good time. Remember behind every dark cloud lies silver lining. Your hardest times often lead to the greatest moments of your life. Keep the faith. It will all be worth it in the end. Robert frost said ” In three words i can sum everything I have learned about life: It goes on” I believe it must go on.  When you follow all that i have told above I am sure you will find answers to your problems  and shall help you come out of it with smile. 

Finally on ending note I would like to remind you all of a video I seen on facebook ( https://www.facebook.com/srinidhiys/posts/10201295359399407?notif_t=like ) It says. Life is tough that’s a given, when u stand up you will be put down, when u are down u will be stepped on, you will fall down, u will stumble, you will get pushed, you will land square on your face, but every time that happens you get back on your feet. You get up just as fast as you can…no matter how many times you need to do it. Success is all about getting up one more time when you have been knocked down. In this world nothing is free and you get it easy….life is hard real hard incredibly hard.. You fail more often than u win…..Its up to you to puff up your chest….stretch your neck….and overcome all the difficult ..the nasty the mean the unfair….. you want more than you have now…? prove it… you want to  be heard as the best there is?….get there and earn it. once you decide that… you will know where it is you want to be..and you wont stop pushing forward until u get there…that’s how winners remain at the end of the day …success is what we all want…we all want to win..and the race will be won…no question about that…so come on… get out on top..run faster…dream bigger..live better than u have ever before…this is in you..u can do this…do it for yourself…prove it to yourself.

Wishing all a happy life. My prayers for all those who are facing difficulties. I am sure, very sure you all will succeed. Cheers !!!! Srinidhi Y.S

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