Why people feel like commiting suicide…?

This is a general article, not taking into account anything about psychological problems… 





People feel like commiting suicide when they feel so heavy in heart that they fail to see a happy world out there,  when they feel no purpose of life, when they feel they dont have anyone in life with whom they can share problems…with whom they can talk about their tears in their eyes. they cannot talk because they they feel they have failed their loved ones..they feel they have failed in their duties to take care of loved ones more than the failure. 


People can commit suicide for many reasons. Financial difficulties, love failure, relationship conflicts, ….etc but the common element in all of that is failure. It can be failure to have a stable financial position or failure of marriage or failure of keeping the loved ones happy. When failure takes over people feel heavy hearted,eyes wet in tears, emotions so heavy that they wont be even able to cry whole heartedly  they wont be able to express themselves to anyone or comprehend any situation. Most people commit suicide not because they are not able to cry and make their heart light. 


Whenever u get an opportunity to talk to people who are dejected in life….who are facing failures…TALK….Please talk to them…make them feel that they have a reason to live …which is beyond success and failures. Success and failures are not permanent. Situations change…Just as they are facing failure they may see success too . 

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