listening to music in night




i believe true music always touches your heart….but it finds a shortcut especially in night. In night we experience calmness in environment, we can feel the silence all around… the calm breeze that soothens not just your body but your mind. Night is the time when u feel u are not in stress/anxiety and can actually enjoy music at its every beat. I even feel that even the lyrics touches your heart in night… 

People working in BPOs (Business processing outsourcing) or can be that of any job like that of a driver driving in night or an aircraft technician working in night  or a construction worker or a railway guard or a night watchman…be it anyone who works in night shift would have definitely experienced the pleasure music offers when listened to it in the calmness of night. 

The same music may offer huge difference in its intensity at which it touches your heart and the feelings it brings out in a person when heard in day or at night . The effect varies between day and night. It also offers an amazing effect when you are listening alone as compared to listening with a group of people. 

Music is nasha (sweet intoxication), it can be a companion for the lovely,at the same time happiness multiplier when u are with your group of friends. It can even make a crying baby to stop crying and doze off to sweet dreams. It can even inspire a person to write an article 😉 Music can bring hearts closer, it can create the ambience,and also create relationships. 

Music offers varied experience at varied time of the day and at varied climatic conditions and in varied situations. 

In short ,sometimes the feeling it offers is very tough to put it in words. Hence enjoy the music..listen to it whenever you feel you want to be happy. Live life filled with music. 🙂  Music is not just for the heart its for the soul too 😉

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