failure to succeed

Feeling of disappointment, unhappiness, less interest in life…etc are common feelings when faced with failure. Failure can be for any reason, but the result is same.

More than failure itself, on failure, the reaction of the people around us make us feel more unhappy and disappointed.

People break down emotionally, that is the point of downfall. Downfall doesn’t start with failure but it starts with emotional breakdown.

It is not difficult to see people who are crying. but it is very difficult to see people who are crying inside by themselves. As a matter of fact people who don’t express their bitter feeling inside to others are only more.  Its because of social psyche…If a person cries in front of others he is considered week. Society says …A real man doesn’t cry …he faces situation….etc etc.. But the same society doesn’t understand that at the time of grief …the person doesn’t require any lecture about being man or lecture on how to overcome difficulty or how to face situation. All that the person needs is a shoulder to cry, few kind words, an environment where he doesn’t have to worry what society thinks… A secure place, a secure arm with whose help he can get back on his foot.

When we see our closed ones being unhappy, we may also get emotional, break down and join him/her on the same boat…but we fail to ask our self at that time what am i doing is right ? …. The person in grief surely doesn’t want others too to join on his same boat of feeling of grief, pain, unhappiness… His emotions goes more severe and his pain only amplifies.

Life seems meaningless when struck with unhappiness. But seems too meaningful when being in happiness. Person feels he wants to be left all alone when in pain but longs for company of many when in happiness… At times it seems as though one is north pole and other is south pole… I guess that’s why people say have to have balanced emotions… I wish it was easy to be that way as it is so easy to hear and say to others.

For a dejected, unhappy person he cannot see the road to happiness and he gets more unhappy not being able to find the road. He looses himself more in the search of that road and in the fear of failing to find that road of happiness too…

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